In Solidarity Against Racism – Black Lives Matter

By June 4, 2020Uncategorized

Over the last three months, our focus as a company has been on the COVID-19 pandemic.  We are unable to meet each other or our customers and are worried and fearful for our lives because of an invisible viral enemy. Now many of us are working together to create a gradual and comprehensive plan to return to a safe workplace.

However, the recent tragic and brutal murders of George Floyd in Minnesota, Breonna Taylor in Louisville, and Ahmaud Aubery in Georgia show us that there is yet another equally deadly enemy we must work to fight: the ever-present enemy of racism and injustice. Aubery, Taylor, and Floyd are only three of countless Black Americans who are no longer with us today because of racial injustice. Black Americans cannot jog down the street, visit a store, or drive through the city without fear of being murdered—-this is the sickening reality of the United States of America. The anger and protest we see in the streets today is a direct reaction to racist structures of inequality and oppression that have existed in our nation for generations.

As a company, Toho Technology stands in solidarity against racism, police brutality, and discrimination of any kind. We affirm that Black lives matter. It is our challenge now to find ways to support all endeavors, big and small, to put an end to racism and oppression. This is how we can seek racial reconciliation, justice, and healing. Toho commits to join these efforts with hearts, hands, and resources and we begin today by making a company donation to the families of George Floyd, Ahmaud Aubery and Breonna Taylor and I encourage our team to do the same.  When we can return to work, we will also be conducting an internal seminar to raise awareness to systematic racism and how we can fight against it in our own city and in our business transactions.

Speaking as Toho’s President, I am deeply sad at what is occurring, and outraged by the shameful lack of national leadership we suffer under. But I am also moved by nationwide demonstrations that take time to be present and demand change in our nation. I am made hopeful by the local scenes of young people volunteering to clean up broken glass and serve meals to CPS students in need. I am encouraged by those who continue to provide support to protesters who are stranded in various parts of the city due to the sudden curfew and CTA shutdown.

The future may appear hazy today. It is hard to see what lies ahead, and easy to fall into despair. Instead, let us take the actions of those in our community as inspiration. In our homes, communities, and companies, we can work together toward change for a more just, equitable, world—day by day, and with each passing moment.  It is possible.




John Coomes

President & COO

Toho Technology Inc.