Relay Boxes

Lower Maintenance
Higher Variety

Toho Relay Boxes

Toho Relay Box/Switch Board modules reduce the time required for selecting appropriate relays, fuses, designing circuits and wiring layouts. Simple “plug and play” elegance allows the the internal integrated circuit to provide tremendous wiring time savings, fused isolation from field devices, and clean wire routes with easy connection capabilities, lower maintenance needs withing a wide variety of configurations.

Spec Sheets • PXGR Series • PXGRS Series • PXGRF Series • PXGRM Series • PXLYM Series • PX7FR Series • FTB Series

Easy Maintenance

• Replace without removing the cover

• Pull single lever to remove relays

• Easily performed with one hand

Multiple Configurations

• B contact relay


• High-density relay

• Connect to both NPN and PNP devices

• Slow blow fuse

Circuit Options

WET circuit

• Does not require external interface terminal

DRY circuit

• All terminals are independent

Switch Board

Control I/O directly. Common uses include:

• Debugging

• Trial

• Testing

• Equipment Maintenance

Wiring Cost Savings

• Toho Relay Box reduces labor associated with rewiring while preventing wiring errors.

Protection Options

• Single protection

• Double protection

• Double fuse protects both positive and negative relay contact side.

Connector Configurations

Toho offers various series connectors, which include:

• 3M
• Omron
• Fujitsu
• Military standard
• Others upon request


• Standard

• Spring Lifted

• Clamp

• Push-In Terminal

PXGR Series

Relay, SSR Installed

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PXGRS Series

Relay, Switch Installed

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PXGRF Series

Relay, Fuse Installed

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PXGRM Series

Relay, Fuse, Switch Installed

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PXLYM Series

Power Relay Installed

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PX7FR Series

Space Saving

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FTB Series

Fuse Box

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