Terminal Blocks

Low & High Voltage
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Toho Terminal Blocks

Toho Terminal Blocks provide a wide variety of customizable designs and styles for efficient wiring. For control panels to interconnect panel wiring both internally and for field wiring we offer power distribution, DIN rail style, standard terminal blocks, and wire-to-board options that meets industry requirements.

Spec Sheets • KT/UK SeriesUCTB SeriesUKD SeriesUKE SeriesUCK SeriesUK-SD Series

Low Voltage to High Voltage

• Compact, low-voltage, space-saving terminal blocks for controllers.

• High-density high-voltage insulation terminal blocks for power distribution.


• Terminals are grounded through a DIN rail designed for finger safety.

Assembly Options

Toho provides multiple options:

• DIN rail mount

• Panel mount

Terminal Blocks Options

• Standard

• Spring lifted

• Clamp

• Push-in terminal

Disconnect Terminal Block

• Switches allow I/O capability. Often used for solar power distribution circuits.

Switching Terminal Block

• Uses multiple circuits to operate a switch on the terminal. Often used for retrofit signal conversion.

Diode / Fuse Protected Terminal Block

• Protects circuits from electric surge and reverse voltage. Suitable for lamp tests.

Removable Terminal Block

• Two part terminal eliminates need to remove screws while rewiring.

KT/UK Series

Power Distribution

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UCTB Series

DIN Rail Bus Bar

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UKD Series

Signal / Power Disconnection

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UKE Series

Finger Safe Grounding

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UCK Series

Removable Terminal

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UK-SD Series

Diode Terminal

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