TohoSpec 3100

Accurate Film Thickness Measurement

The TohoSpec 3100 is a low cost film thickness measurement system that utilizes a modern small spot spectroscopic reflectometer built on a simple-to-use tabletop platform. Incorporating core technology acquired from market leader Nanometrics, this system is specifically designed for a wide variety of R&D applications. The reliable solid state linear diode array provides fast, precise measurements of single-layer films such as oxide, nitride and photo-resist, as well as the top layer on film stacks of up to 3 layers in the thickness range of 100Å to 30µm. An outstanding value, complete with up to 15 standard film thickness measurement algorithms, this rugged and accurate system is used in laboratories worldwide to provide precision film thickness measurements in a compact design.


TohoSpec 3100 is designed to provide accurate film thickness measurements within a vast array of applications.

Guaranteed 3 layer measurement and in some cases beyond 3 depending on parameters.  Measures most smooth or semi-smooth surfaces with some reflectance

  • LED
  • Solar
  • OLED
  • Photomask
  • Power Device
  • SOI
  • Magnetic head for HDD



Film Stack / Number of Films

Up to 3 layers

Wavelength Range

380 -800 nm  (standard) 380 -850 nm  (Thick film)


2 Å

Film Type  / n & k values


Measurement Time

0.1  to 25 seconds/site (3100)
0.01  to 2.5 second / site (3100 T)

Data Management

Statistical data analysis, Data export (ASCII)

Hardware Configuration

Wafer Sizes 

Stage handles 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 inch wafers

Head Unit

Reflectometer Linear Array


Film Thickness Range1

Standard Configuration (5x)

100 Å – 30 µm

Thick Film Configuration (5x)

100 Å – 70 µm

1 Film thickness range assumes oxide on silicon. Ranges for other films may vary.

Optical Filters (Manual Cutoff Filters)

Yellow cutoff filter

480 nm (measured at 50% light transmission)

Orange cutoff filter

560 nm (measured at 50% light transmission)

Optics / Spot Sizes

5x (standard) 

50 µm  (15 µm for Thick film)

10 x (optional) 

25 µm  (7.5 µm for Thick film)

50x (optional) 

5 µm  (1.5 µm for Thick film)

100 x (optional for Thick film) 

(0.75 µm for Thick film)

Facilities Requirements


753 H x 280 W x 472 D (mm)
(optics stand)

System Weight 

22kg / 50 lbs


AC100V, 5 A


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