TST Seebeck Systems

Seebeck Effect Measurement Systems

Designed with the user and ease of use in mind, the SB1000 Digital Seebeck Effect Controller offers a reliable platform for Seebeck coefficient measurements in wide temperature range of 80 K - 700 K using the cryogenic systems (liquid nitrogen cryostats) or hot thermal stage systems from Transient Signal Technologies, integrated into vacuum environment.


Temperature dependent thermopower measurements on electrically conductive specimens provide information about the sign of the majority carriers, the mechanism of charge conduction in conjunction with appropriate theoretical models, information on the band structure of the material.

The knowledge of Seebeck coefficient is a key factor in optimization of thermoelectric materials and finding right applications for it. A high sensitivity to structural change makes thermopower measurements an excellent technique for the study of structural phase conditions on the charge transport properties of a given material.


  • High precision of Seebeck coefficient measurements
  • High signal-to-noise ratio and fast data acquisition
  • Differential measurements algorithm
  • Wide temperature range (80 K – 700 K)
  • Statistical data analysis
  • Real-time thermal voltage transient measurements
  • User-friendly, automated measurement setup

Typical Variable Temperature Seebeck Effect Measurement System (SMS)

  • A typical variable temperature Seebeck Effect Measurement system includes:
  • DC600 Programmable Temperature Controller and SB1000 Seebeck Effect Measurement Controller
  • Liquid nitrogen cryostat with integrated amplification circuitry into the vacuum environment
  • Kapton (80 K – 400 K) or ceramic (200 K – 700 K) sample mounting stages
  • Vacuum pump and vacuum accessories
  • Four soldering pins for electrical conductivity measurements by two probe or by four probe measurement technique
  • Dell Optiplex 3000 Tower desktop computer and 22” LCD monitor
  • All electronics mounted in 19” electronic rack

Available Temperature Ranges

Depending on vacuum variable temperature cryostat the SMS systems can operate in different temperature ranges:

  • Room Temperature only (Seebeck effect chamber with room temperature stage)
  • 80 K to 500 K (LN2 VPF cryostat, can be upgraded up to 700 K with hot stage integration)
  • 80 K to 700 K (LN2 VPF cryostat with integrated hot stage)
  • Room Temperature to 700 K (Seebeck effect chamber with hot stage)

Transient Signal Technologies offers programmable temperature controller that is designed for use with variable temperature systems. This controller provides accurate temperature measurements, precise temperature control, and easy-to-use data acquisition functions over the temperature range from 80 K to 700 K. DC600 temperature controller is designed to operate with Pt RTD temperature sensors and supports 50 Watt heaters. This controller is supplied with VPF cryostats and hot stages for operation in 80 K – 700 K temperature range.

Sample Mounting Stages

Each system is supplied with sample mounting stages for low temperature operation and high temperature operation. The Kapton sample stages are designed and calibrated for 80 K – 400 K temperature range. Ceramic stages are designed and calibrated for operation in 200 K – 700 K temperature range. Each stage has installed Seebeck heater for accurate temperature gradient control across the sample under test. The Seebeck heater may vary power in the range of 10 mWatt – 1 Watt.


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