FPM Series

Zygo 3D Large Area Optical Profilometry

Since acquiring this product line from Zygo Corporation in 2009, Display manufacturers have come to Toho for superior 3D feature analysis systems. Toho’s Zygo-FPM tools are non-contact metrology systems designed for flat panel display production applications featuring a wide range of capabilities and value. Toho Optical profilers are white light interferometer systems, offering fast, non-contact, high-precision 3D metrology of surface features. The FPM is a series specifically designed to inspect cellular flat panels or large displays requiring high-res analyses. The FPM series 3D optical surface profilers easily measure a wide range of surfaces, including smooth, rough, flat, sloped, and stepped surfaces.


Toho FPM Series tools are designed to provide accurate measurements within a vast array of applications.

FPM systems and their measurement data are used to improve production yield especially in, Color Filter, TFT process lines and ODF (One Drop Fill) processes. Height and width, area data of Photo Spacer and VA structure, Black Matrix, and Color Filter can be measured at one time with our proprietary OneShotTM system. SureShotTM provides Halftone process feature measurement such as film thickness and Critical Dimensions. DropShot TM also provides droplets volume and shape.


Measurement Performance


 2.5 to 5 sec FAAM; average 17 sec Glass Prep


≥ 95%


 40K glass/month (4-heads)

Height Repro 

≤ 20-30 nm (3-σ)

Lateral CD/OL Repro

 ≤ .2 micron (3-σ @ 20x)

Head-to-Head Correlation

≤ 20-30 nm (3-σ)

Key Technologies

• High-speed SWLI

• Surface profiling of transparent films

• Custom 20x or 50x FPM objective

• Large stage mecha-tronics

• Micron Absolute postitioning

• High-speed motion with nanometer stability and micron absolute positioning

Vertical Metrology

• Measurement precision on large FPM stages

• Repro ≤ 20-30 nm, App. dependant, (3σ @20x) standard

• SuperOneShot for sub 20nm applications

• Film thickness measured / films 1 to 50 µm, standard

• TFT HalfTone (HT) options to below 400nm

• Film surface topography measured for films ≥ 400nm

Lateral Metrology

• IntelliVisionTM Pattern recognition & feature finding

• Lateral CD precision to 1 / 20th pixel

• Repro ≤ 0.2 µm (3σ with 20x objective; full pixel coverage)

• Repro ≤ 0.05 µm (3σ with 50x objective)


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