Toline XM Series

Compact & Robust Multiplexing

Toho Multiplexing

Compact and Robust Multiplexing provided by the Toho Toline XM series. Toline systems Multiplex PLC I/O signals and transmits to two conductor rails. Full communication occurs efficiently while carriers are in motion. The Toline XM Series can control up to 32 carriers simultaneously. The Toline TBM32 (Master) accesses the PLC’s internal I/O register via an Ethernet port and amplifies the PLC I/O signals to 48VDC. High voltage multiplexed signal secure communication stability on t sliding mediums while in motion while high voltage signals remove oxide film buildup.

Simultaneous Signalling

• TBM32 also transmits signals to all slave units simultaneously.

• TBS32 (Slave) communicates with TBM32 via conductor rail.  Slave modules can handle up to 224 points of I/O, using a combination of XD216 and TYN16 I/O modules. This system does not require a PLC or I/O on the carrier, reducing costs.

• TSE32 (Slave Ethernet I/F) interfaces between TBM and the carrier PLC.

Signal Conversion

  1.  PLC
  2.  Ethernet Cable
  3.  TBM32 (Master)
  4.  Conductor Rail
  5.  Twisted Pair Cable
  6.  Collector
  7.  TBS32 (Slave)
  8.  XD216 (16 Points Input)
  9.  TYN16 (16 Points Input)
  10.  TSE32 (Slave Ethernet I/F)


Master Ethernet Interface

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Slave Unit

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Slave 24VDC I/O unit

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Slave Ethernet Interface

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System Specification

Power 24VDV
Maximum Number of Slave Units 32 units
Maximum I/O Input 112 points / Output 112 points *each 14 byte.
Maximum I/O unit 14 units
Communication Speed 4 Phases ( 2x, Standard, 1/2, 1/4)
Communication Distance 300m/750m/1km/ 1km
Simultaneous Communication Max. 56 points (7Bytes)
Output hold 4 points each

Ethernet Specification

Compatible PLC Mitsubishi Q
Keyence KV
Omron CJ
Communication Protocol MC protocol 3E frame
Communication Speed Computer link

Product Line up

XM-TBM32 Master Ethernet Interface Unit
XM-TBS32 Slave Unit
XM-TSE32 Slave Ethernet Unit
XM-XD216 DC24V 16 points Input Unit
XM-YTN16 DC24V 16 points Output Unit