PLC Migration Adapters

Cross Platform Migration Simplicity & Savings


Terminal Blocks

Low & High Voltage
Simple Solutions


Interface Terminal

Wiring cost reduction Simplified workflow


Relay Boxes

Lower Maintenance
Higher Variety


Toline XM Series

Compact & Robust Multiplexing

Industrial Automation

Providing flexible control for plant-wide optimization.

Lead automotive factory automation products of choice in Japan, now directly available in the United States. Toho terminal blocks, interface terminals, PLC conversion units and error prevention systems offer robust solutions for a wide variety of automation solutions. Toho provides quality components, support for control systems, panels and multiplexing transmission systems designed for plug and play system integratorion and design.

Interface Terminals

Multiple Configurations

Terminal Block

Customizable Series

PLC Migration Adapters

Rapid PLC Migration

Relay Boxes

Simple Plug and Play

Toline XM Series

Multiplex Interface