Global reach with comprehensive product design, technology and manufacturing services.

As a leading provider of contract manufacturing services for automation machinery, equipment and precision instruments as well as high level assemblies, printed circuit boards and subsystems to a variety of industries, Toho bridges the gap between Asian customer and support needs with local project management support. Our core manufacturing focus is the contract assembly of highly complex mechanical and electromechanical assemblies and complete machines.

Complete End-to-End Manufacturing Solutions

Specializing in “low volume / high complexity” systems, Toho provides ISO 9001, 14,000 certified manufacturing solutions offering a full spectrum of quality manufacturing services. Our quality and customer focus is evident in everything we design, manufacture, test and deliver. It’s this emphasis on quality, innovative technology that drives our business and provides our customers with significant competitive advantages in the global marketplace.

Toho adheres to a standardized quality management system that is continually evaluated for compliance to the principals of quality improvement and customer satisfaction.

Producing products that are shipped to all continents, Toho is familiar with Regulatory Compliance standards and cooperates with local and international inspectors to ensure full facility and assembly compliance. Toho is inspected each quarter by third party engineering and approval group, MET Labs of North America.

Global Compliance provide by Toho Manufacturing solutions include:

• NFPA codes and regulations, NEC, OSHA

• CE Compliance as needed

• SEMI S2-93A

• UL listed electrical components

• RoHS


High Complexity Production

Toho is focused on and gladly accepts the challenges of low/medium volume, high complexity production with a strong emphasis on;

• Industrial Electronics

• Electro-Mechanical Assemblies

• Precision Instruments

• Optical Systems

• Finished “Box-Build” Assemblies

• High-level Assemblies

• Circuit Board Design & Assembly

Toho bridges the gap between Asian customer and support needs with local project management. Our core manufacturing focus is the contract assembly of highly complex mechanical and electromechanical assemblies and complete machines. Let Toho Quality and Performance translate to cost savings for your manufacturing needs.

Global Supply Chain

With high growth markets in Asia demanding faster delivery and local presence, Toho builds your products where it makes sense with cost-effective Manufacturing alternatives that employ uncompromised quality, IP protection and on-time delivery. Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian and American Manufacturing capabilities are seamlessly integrated with Toho’s Local Presence and Global Reach.

While sourcing globally, Toho employs first rate vendor and materials management experience while capitalizing on our volume-leveraged network of suppliers. For transfer production, Toho is able to step in and establish, organize, and manage efficient Supply Chain strategies whether your suppliers are established, non-existent, or somewhere in between.

Suppliers to our contract manufacturing program have been prequalified for quality, reliability, performance, and value. Continuous assessment and expansion of our vendor base, coupled with sophisticated management systems ensure optimized vendor selection for our varied contract manufacturing programs.

Our procurement team is dedicated to providing solid support to customers on overall material availability and cost-efficiency through:

• Supplier qualification programs and audits

• Extensive sourcing experience

• Regular pricing analysis and evaluation with suppliers

• JIT Partnering with key suppliers

• Material localization

• Components management for end-of-life products

• Multi-Configuration Changes at short notice

• Drop ship deliveries

From Ideas to Products

For over 30 years, Toho has been managing demanding outsource Projects for American, Chinese and Japanese companies. With our extensive background in Technology Transfer, we are well positioned to provide a seamless transition of products into manufacturing. Whether you’re designing or manufacturing precision measurement equipment, ruggedized products for harsh environments, complex robotics, high-power systems or are innovating for new or niche markets, Toho provides the expertise you need to succeed.

Toho Contract Manufacturing Project Management Solutions allow customers to;

• Reduce fixed costs through outsourcing strategies

• Strategically position for volatile end-market supply and demand

• Support products in each critical stage of their lifespan

• Allocate experienced and dedicated engineering resources

• Accommodate engineering and schedule changes

Toho has the experience and the ability to effectively manage your program. Program adoption begins with a detailed analysis of the existing manufacturing process, availability of documentation and information; conducted by a seasoned program manager. Once the requirements are thoroughly understood and any issues are resolved, a formal plan is developed.

Toho program managers serve as the point of contact for the customer and have responsibility for all aspects of the program. The manager communicates with the customer regularly utilizing a customer-preferred format. Experienced staff coupled with leading-edge technology and proven management systems assure the success of your contract manufacturing program.