Toho Technology Inc.

Chicago, Illinois
Hideyuki Tomita Chief Executive Officer
John Coomes President and Chief Operating Officer
Maki Yogo Chief Financial Officer
Noboru Hayakawa Executive Director
Hiromi Yamazaki Executive Director

Toho Technology Corporation

Nagoya, Japan
Kazuo Tomita Chairman
Hideyuki Tomita President and Chief Executive Officer
Noboru Hayakawa Senior Executive Vice President
Zhang Hao Senior Managing Director
Yasuo Watanabe Senior Managing Director
Hiromi Yamazaki Chief Financial Officer
John Coomes Executive Director

Shanghai Toho Technology Co. Ltd.

Shanghai , China (Factory)
Zhang Hao Chief Operating Officer, Vice President
Hideyuki Tomita President
Noboru Hayakawa Executive Director
Hiromi Yamazaki Executive Director
Masayoshi Kato Chief Financial Officer

Toho Technology (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.

Shanghai, China (Distribution and Maintenance)
Zhang Hao Chief Operating Officer, Vice President
Hideyuki Tomita President
Hiromi Yamazaki Executive Director
Yasuo Watanabe Chief Financial Officer


Toho Technology Corporation Headquarters Office  Phone: 81‑52‑251‑7211  Fax: 81‑251‑3646  www.toho‑  3‑10‑22 Sakae, Naka‑ku  Nagoya, Japan 460‑0008
Toho Technology Corporation Main Factory  Phone: 81‑5872‑1211  Fax: 81‑5872‑1220  www.toho‑  1 Higashi 5 Chome Orizushimomachi  Inazawa, Japan 492‑8501
Toho Air Conditioning Systems Phone: 81‑52‑251‑7214  Fax: 81‑52‑251‑3646  www.toho‑  3‑10‑22 Sakae, Naka‑ku  Nagoya, Japan 460‑0008
Nako, Inc.  Phone: 81‑52‑241‑7551  Fax: 81‑52‑251‑5961  www.toho‑  3‑10‑22 Sakae, Naka‑ku  Nagoya, Japan 460‑0008
Toho Technology Inc.  Phone: 1‑773‑583‑7183  Fax: 1‑773‑583‑7185  4809 N Ravenswood Ave, Suite 113  Chicago, Illinois 60640  United States of America
Shanghai Toho Technology Factory Phone: 86‑21‑6921‑2611  Fax: 86‑21‑6921‑2612  1008 Huijin Road  Quingpu Industrial Park  Shanghai, China 201707
Shanghai Toho Technology Development and Design Center  Phone: 86‑21‑6278‑6999  Fax: 86‑21‑6219‑7869  2201 Yan’an Xi Lu  International Trade Center #2612  Shanghai, China 200336
Toho Technology (Shanghai) Phone: 86‑21‑6278‑6999  Fax: 86‑21‑6219‑7869  2201 Yan’an Xi Lu  International Trade Center # 2612  Shanghai, China 200336
PT Toho Technology Indonesia  Phone: 62‑21‑2936‑0907  Fax: 62‑21‑2936‑0908  Jl. Cipinang Cempedak II  No. 45 Jatinegara  Jakarta Timur, Indonesia 13340

The Toho Way

Toho Technology advances the way products are made, tested and verified. With the acumen to lead, the tenacity to succeed and the ambition to continually improve upon established conventions, we engineer, manufacture, distribute and support diverse industrial and life-science technologies. We are committed to meeting global demands for extremely sophisticated and reliable technological solutions in a wide variety of industrial markets.