PLC Migration Adapters

Cross Platform Migration Simplicity & Savings

Toho PLC Migration Adapters

Migrate outdated PLCs to a wide variety of newer platform PLCs without time consuming and labor intensive re-wiring. Simply remove the terminal block, insert it into the Toho adapter, and connect the migration cable to the new PLC. Complete PLC migration projects five (5X) times faster while minimizing the risk of retrofit errors.

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Cross Platform Migration

Toho adapters are designed for cross-platform retrofit.

Toho custom builds wire harnesses that adapt PLCs from all major manufacturers.

I/O allocation can be modified to include alternate cable assignment.

Convert signals to:
• Most Japanese PLCs
• Siemens, Allen-Bradley, etc.
• Remote I/O

Signal Conversion

Toho PLC adapters are available in the following models:

• Voltage Conversion

• Relay conversion and SSR

• Triac Conversion Isolation

• Direct Coupling

• Polarity Conversion NPN to PNP

Risk Minimization

• Factories do not need to be stopped during retrofits.

• Factory equipment will function normally on the existing system until migration is complete.

• If any problems occur during migration, operators can immediately switch back to the existing system by removing terminal blocks from adapters.

• No need to wait until summer or winter shutdowns.

• Migrate PLCs during the weekend.

Time and Cost Reduction

• Installation time reduced by 80%.

• Toho PLC minimizes field wiring, labor time, and cost

Mitsubishi PLCs

Melsec-A, Q, QnA

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Yasakawa / Sharp PLCs

GL60/70/120 JW

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