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Customized Substrate Cleaning Systems Over 300 Precision Cleaners

Toho Precision Cleaners

Beyond Thin Film Process cleaning, Toho offers a wide variety of customized Substrate Cleaning systems designed to remove large particulates and glass residue common in post-process steps such as Chamfer, Polish and Scribing. Toho Post Process cleaners provide Precision Clean glass, high throughput with robust and reliable performance in both clean room and industrial environments. Toho Technology Wet Process Solutions offer outstanding value with additional benefits that make Toho the clear best choice for long term intensive performance. Toho is an approved vendor for all leading Asian glass manufacturers, two (2) major Medical Imaging Sensor manufacturers in the United States as well as Architectural and Dynamic glass manufacturers. In-Line and Spin Models for virtually any size glass are available.

Cutting Edge Wet Process Methodologies

Toho’s worldwide experience boasts an installed base of over 300 Precision Cleaners for various applications. This allows Plant Managers and Process Engineers alike to benefit from “best in class practices” and cutting edge Wet Process methodologies. The common modular process configurations below are enhanced and customized to meet budget and application needs while taking advantage of second to none quality manufacturing and “kaizen” production methods developed in Japan for the Asian Flat Panel Display industry.

Common Modular Process Configuration

1. Robot Load / Un-load, Manual Load, Indexed Elevator, Loader Conveyor

2. Cassette / Panel ID Read, Record

3. Conveyance system with lateral guides

4. UV Excimer Cleaner to remove Organic substances

5. Alkaline/acidic cleaning or Chemical Free Cleaning

6. Brush Cleaning (Disc or Roll) (Surfactant Application)

7. Cascade Rinse with separate supply of the final cascade module

8. Mach JetTM – for sub µm particles / special nozzle mixes 0.5MPa DIW and 0.4MPa CDH

9. Final DIW Rinse

10. Air Knife high pressure CDA or N2

11. Un-Load

Optional Process Configuration

• Spin Wash, Rinse, Dry instead of In-Line system

• Auto Width Adjustments for Various Panel Sizes

• Nearly contact free conveyance system

• HPMJ: “Hyper Pressure Mach Jet” shower for maximum particle removal

• CO2 insertion system for ESD suppression

• Integrated Air Knife blower

• HEPA filtration

• Bacteria Prevention systems to stop water born contaminants

• Ionizers in critical ESD control areas – Unload module

• Safety light curtains at openings

• CIM / Host PC interface

Toho Quality Build

• Modular PP Construction

• Easy access Maintenance openings

• Double glass covers

• Fully enclosed Process Chambers

• Positive air pressure

• Built in exhaust

• Multiple safety interlocks, leak sensors, exhaust sensors, over-heat, dry pump and other built in safety systems

• Effective particle filtering system

Customized for Different Applications

Always an ever changing dynamic market place, the need to achieve high cleaning efficiency on substrates of all sizes, shapes, thicknesses and materials means that customer needs must drive the design and function of our products. Unlike other Wet Process equipment vendors, Toho does not offer a “one size fits all” line up. We realize that while some applications are focused on sub-micron particle removal, others demand robust throughput at economical price points.

Customized to meet virtually any footprint, substrate size and thickness, Toho Technology Horizontal, In-Line, Roller Conveyor, Wet Cleaning Applications include:

Clean Room Compatible

• Incoming Glass Clean

• Pre-Lithography Clean

• Pre-Deposition

• Pre-Etch Clean

• Cover Glass Clean

• Post Scribe Clean

Industrial Cleaning

• Incoming Clean (removal of packing materials, grease, shards, etc)

• Pre-Process Clean

• Clean Polish & Clean Combination Machines

• Post-Process Clean

Low Throughput Requirements

• Stand Alone Manual Clean

• Spin Clean

• Limited Foot Print “Double Decker” Clean

• Manual Load /Unload

• Bacteria Prevention to eliminate water born contaminants

Long Term Value

Toho Technology Wet Process Solutions offer outstanding value with additional benefits that make Toho the clear best choice for long term value and performance. High-performance cleaning equipment with Toho process technology ensures best cleaning results. Process Engineers who select Toho Equipment enjoy product enhancements and benefits such as;

Outstanding Customer Support

• Maintenance & Operations Training at Source & Site acceptance

• Training for all Preventative Maintenance & Repair techniques

• Bilingual Assistance as needed

• Trained Service Technicians on-site during and after installations

• Local US Service Technician Presence

• Optional Remote Access software for troubleshooting and programming assistance

• PLC programming support

• Global Compliance

  • NFPA codes and regulations, NEC, OSHA
  • CE Compliance as needed
  • SEMI S2-93A

Engineered for Quality & Performance

• Designed with Japanese Quality Standards and attention to detail and workmanship

• Low Cost of Ownership with best in class material grades

• User Friendly Software Interface customized to unique applications

• Reduced Environmental impact with noise suppression, filtration systems and re-circulation systems

• N2 Purge to Prevent bacteria build up

• ESD Suppression with Ionizer bars at Un-Load

• Automatic Chamber cleaning

• Automatic line purge

Flexible Modular Configurations

• Engineered for throughput, facility requirements

• Full Pre-Assembly Spec Review for customer Engineering and Material changes

• In-line roller conveyor automated systems

• Lower Throughput Applications

• Stand alone systems

• Limited footprint requirements

• Manual Load / Unload

• Bacteria Prevention systems to stop water born contaminants

Modular Design

Toho Technology Wet Process Solutions meet stringent specifications designed for the semiconductor industry but allow for modular customization to fit all applications. While each machine is engineered at the component level to meet individual customer requirements, Toho systems offer outstanding reliability and flexible process control. User Programmable features ensure consistent processing and monitoring while a wide variety of adjustable parameters allow for optimum utilization of Fab assets.

Full Range Spec Capabilities

• Substrate sizes up to G10

• Optional Multiple size glass on one Cleaner

• Substrate thickness capabilities from 0.7mm up to 6mm

• Water temperature up to 60 °C (140 °F)

Cleaning Efficiencies

• High Performance Substrate Cleaning

• Detach, Removes particles via Multiple interchangeable Dynamic Cleaning Processes

• Dual sided Roll & Disc brushes, Mach-JetTM, Ultra-Sonics, Mega-Sonic Cleaning

(1) Remove 95% of particles 2 µm or larger

(1) Prevent particles greater than 5 µm from being added

(1) Particles of 3 – 5 µm only increase 2 pcs or less

(1) Particles of 1 – 3 µ only increase by 10 pcs or less

Process Monitor Control

• Panel & Cassette ID Reading / Correlated to Recipe Settings

• TACT time per Process module, Clean Rinse, Dry ,etc

• Panel movement and presence

• Direction, Speed, Pressure of Brush and Wet modules

• Motor adjustment of upper brush rollers by PLC-operating system

• Surfactant Mix, Dispense and Recycle

• Water Pressure

• Data logging, Error Logging

• Resistivity, Ph

• Water Temperature

(1)Sample data based on prior application, 500mm x 500mm, 0.5mm thick glass substrates in a class 10 clean room on pre-deposition thin film application.

Options and Accessories

3D Analysis Software Upgrade

Callibration Mirror Standards

Wafer Stress Pair Calibration Standards

Gas Panel

Vibration Table / Accessories

Extended Warranty


Low-Temperature Module

Odd-size Rings and Adapters

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