4 Point Probe

Industry Standard Sheet Resistivity

Four point probe systems for sheet resistivity measurements on a large variety of materials including group-IV semiconductors, metals, and compound semiconductors, as well as new materials found in flat panel displays and hard disks. The Four Dimensions Four-Point Probe uses two current-supplying and two voltage-sensing probes to provide highly accurate and reproducible sheet resistivity and thickness measurements on a wide variety of materials. The system features user-friendly “one-touch” operation and auto-calibration. Capable of measuring 50 sites in 90 seconds, measurements range from 1mΩ/sq to 800kΩ/sq and extend up to 8E11Ω/sq.


P/N type testing

  • Silicon substrates
  • Epi Layers
  • SOI
  • Ion Implant dose & Uniformity
  • Poly resistivity & thickness
  • Metal deposition monitor
  • Silicide process monitor
  • Ion Implant diffusion
  • Poly gate process monitor
  • ITO
  • Metals
  • Poly-Si, a-Si



  • Wafer Sizes Accommodated: 50, 75, 100, 125, 200 mm
  • Test Diameter: Up to 3mm from wafer edge
  • Measurement Range: 1mΩ/sq. to 800kΩ/sq. or 8E9 Ω/sq.
  • Measurement Units: Ω/sq., Ω-cm, V/I, μ [T], Å[T]
  • Measurement Repeatability: <0.2% (typical)
  • Quick-Checks: 1, 5, 9 sites | 5, 6, 9, 10, 13 site ASTM/SEMI | X-patterns or custom sites
  • Cartesian Maps: Any site-interval ≥0.1 mm, up to 6000 sites
  • Electronic Accuracy: <0.1% (precision resistor)
  • Current Resolution: 16 Bit A/D
  • Compliance Voltage for Measurement: 125V


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