Photoluminescence (PL) Mapping with Power Density Control

The VerteX measures photoluminescence wavelength and intensity. But the VerteX design goes to great lengths to eliminate all sources of variation in the measurement. Not only that, VerteX is designed to eliminate the sources of variation between tools. The PL emission from many epitaxial structures depends strongly on the excitation conditions. Using a novel, on-board beam profiler, VerteX constantly monitors both the laser power AND the focal spot dimensions so you always know the power density. That means you can adjust the power density to a particular value and VerteX will maintain that value as the laser power varies.


VerteX is designed to provide accurate, precise and repeatable PL metrology across the entire wavelength range. This includes high-Al content AlGaN alloys for GaN FET’s and UV lasers to the Antimonides out in the MIR and everything in between. VerteX offers a catalogue of more than 15 standard lasers and the ability to fiber-feed a virtually unlimited array of sources. The monochromator can be fitted with up to three gratings and two array detectors — and, once configured, every optical component is selected under computer control. To ensure the highest possible wavelength accuracy, VerteX contains its own built-in spectral source for monochromator calibration.


  • Power Denisty Control
  • Single Spectrum Analysis
  • Mutli-Spectrum Analysis
  • Integrated PL
  • Full Spectral Mapping
  • Thickness Mapping
  • Spectral Reflectivity – VCSEL & Bragg Mirror
  • Laser Scatter Surface Mapping


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