Stratus FTIR

High Throughput Epi Measurement

Stratus, an addition to Nanometrics’ QS series, is an automated epitaxial film thickness measuring system featuring high speed wafer handling. It is designed to create a new level of integration of FTIR tools utilizing proven optical technology, modern robotic wafer handling with very high throughput and state of the art GEM/SECS, Ethernet communications in a contamination-free clean environment.


Typical Applications include:

  • Measures epitaxial thickness by non-destructive FT-IR technique with very high wafer throughput
  • Determines epitaxial thickness on bulk, on patterned wafers, on top of the buried layers, SiGe, polysilicon and multi layers
  • FILM Z: Unique algorithms deliver instant qualification of SOI, SiC, and other epitaxial films.
  • Built-in intelligence extends the applicability to almost every film material imaginable.
  • Qualify thickness of recycled test wafers for rapid payback


  • Industry standard robotic wafer handler with built-in pre-aligner
  • Optical units with proven Nanometrics FTIR technology
  • Complies with SEMI S2-93A and S8-95 standards and conforms with the European Union CE-mark regulations
  • Stratus is fully SECS/GEM compliant; SECS interface supports local control operation as well as remote control operation by the Host via
  • HSMS/SECS-1 protocols
  • Optional 3 or 4 signal lights
  • User-friendly GUI with client server architecture
  • Unlimited measurement pattern and 2D/3D mapping


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