Stealth Series

Cutting Edge Macro-inspection Defect Detection and Cost Reduction

To meet the constant demand for yield improvement in the Displays market, Toho’s Stealth Series products offer cutting edge Macro-Inspection capabilities specifically designed to find imperfections, defects, residue commonly known as “Mura” effects in the Displays industry. Ideal for capturing and containing costly irregularities in film uniformity and thickness, chemical residue and evaluating crystalline structures, Stealth systems offer global inspection of the substrate able to detect Mura images across an entire glass substrate that often go missed by local inspection techniques. Through a unique and proprietary design, Toho Stealth systems utilize highly sensitive CCD cameras combined with a specialized array of blue LED lights to provide fast scans and accurate detections.


Stealth FP

  • OLED film irregularities
  • Patterned PS and Panel Defects
  • Photo-Resist on Glass
  • PI film on Glass
  • LTPS crystal structure analysis


Measurable Substrates

  • Patterned Glass such as Color Filter or TFT
  • Non-Patterned / Film on Glass such as Photo-resist, PI, LTPS, ITO, Nitrides, Oxides, etc


  • Patterned / OLED
  • Non-Patterned / Resist, PI, ITO

Detectable Defects

  • Global Mura
  • Film thickness non-uniformity
  • Mask defocus, stitching defects
  • Chemical Residue
  • Large Voids (< 100 µm)

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