Non-Contact 4D Surface & Thick-Film Profiler

Combining a single-point, visible-light, spectral-domain optical coherence tomography (SD-OCT) sensor with a high-speed, nanometer-encoded X/Y/Z motion-control stage, the QuickOCT-4D can capture the plane of each layer within transparent film samples in a single measurement, at up to 66 kHz. The QuickOCT-4D penetration depth (up to 100µm) and axial resolution (5nm) is optimized for the measurement of multi-layer transparent films, flat substrates, and functional layers in the semi-conductor, life science and pharmaceutical industries. Ideal applications include the measurement of patterned photoresist (or similar transparent coatings) on a silicon, GaAs or glass wafer for backend semiconductor, advanced packaging, display, LED, VCSEL and MEMS as a quality control post-develop and pre-etch.



  • Compact, bench-top unit with environmental enclosure
  • Single-point, non-contact, visible-light, Spectral-Domain Optical Coherence Tomography (SD-OCT) sensor with up to 66 kHz measuring rate
  • Optimized for measuring topography and thickness of multi-layer transparent films on highly reflective material
  • Nanometer encoded X/Y/Z motion with magnetic linear motors and cross roller bearings for fast raster or spiral scanning over 100mm (X), 100mm (Y), 50mm (Z)
  • Available vacuum chucks for sample and tray holding
  • User-friendly CalcuSurf-4D™ recipe generation, data acquisition, surface topography and multi-layer film analysis software permits optimized measurement sampling density for best coverage at highest throughput


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