QS 2200 FTIR

Automated 200mm measurement

Nanometrics—the world leader in FTIR metrology
tools for the semiconductor and materials industry—
presents the QS-2200 series system for dopant
monitoring, epi thickness measurement, and other
production applications. The QS-2200 is designed
for advanced semiconductor fabs performing
material characterization in silicon growing and
device manufacturing areas. It provides a new level
of integration of the FTIR technique utilizing proven
optical technology, modern robotic wafer handling,
and state of the art information management in a
contamination free housing.


Typical applications include:

  • Epitaxial film thickness
  • Film thickness (dielectric, wafer, MEMs)
  • Boron and phosphorus in dielectric films
  • Interstitial oxygen and substitutional carbon in silicon
  • Hydrogen in silicon nitride passivation layers
  • Hydroxide in amorphous silicon
  • Trench depth monitoring in DRAM chips
  • Low k dielectric films

Contact Nanometrics for detailed list of applications.


  • Unsurpassed measurement capabilities using Nanometrics’ proven FTIR technology and propitiatory algorithms
  • High throughput ensured by high precision stage with industry standard robotic wafer handling
  • QS-2200 PC system is fully GEM compliant and the SECS interface supports
  • Local and remote control operation by the host via HSMS/SECS-1 protocols
  • Transmission and reflection measurements selection by software control
  • Thickness and concentration levels sorting capabilities
  • Unlimited measurement pattern and 2D/3D mapping
  • Conforms to all industry guidelines including SEMI S2-0200 and CE Marked )


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