QS 1200 FTIR

Epi Thickness Measurement

The QS1200 FTIR metrology tool is a desktop system for dopant monitoring, epi thickness measurement, and other applications. QS1200 is specifically designed for advanced semiconductor fabs performing material characterization in silicon growing and device manufacturing areas. It provides a new level of integration of the FTIR technique utilizing proven optical technology, and a manual wafer tray to accommodate SEMI standard wafers of 100, 125, 150, 200, and 300mm diameter. Odd shaped wafer pieces, and 2mm thick silicon slices can also be used on the QS1200. An available option is a single wafer mapping (r, theta) stage for all the above wafer sizes.


There are many applications which benefit from the FTIR technique:

  • Substrate thickness
  • Thickness of epitaxial materials
  • SiC epi layer & substrate thickness
  • B and P concentration in PSG, BSG and BPSG
  • CO – Substitutional carbon and interstitial oxygen in silicon substrates
  • FSG – Fluorine content of FSG
  • SiN – Measures hydrogen in silicon nitride films
  • HSQ – Hydroxyl and hydrogen content in oxides SOG, FOX
  • SiON – Oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen in SiON.
  • SiCN – Carbon in SiCN
  • SiOC – Carbon in SiOC
  • Oxygendose – Measurement of oxygen implant dose at SIMOX process
  • Oxygen Precipitate – Measurement of oxygen precipitates in Si substrates


FTIR is very well suited to measure thick epitaxial materials which have a high absorbance in the visible wavelength range such as Si. By adding a transmission detector underneath the wafer surface, the transmitted spectrum of infrared light travelling through the material can be analyzed for presence of contaminating materials such as carbon, oxygen or hydrogen in Si substrates.


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