NanoSpec II

Advanced Film Thickness Measurement

Extending the range and performance of the industry proven NanoSpec series, the NanoSpec II introduces a new design with automated sample alignment, fast autofocus, sub 1-second per site measurement time* and measurement repeatability better than 1Å. The system can be incorporated with Nanometrics’ powerful redesigned spectroscopic reflectivity analysis software, image processing for automated pattern alignment and various optical configuration options, making the NanoSpec II automated the most powerful thin film system in its class.
Available in both tabletop and standalone configurations, the Nanopsec II closes the loop between engineering & research activity and final productive use of recipes and analysis algorithms. Easy recipe transportability allows development of recipes outside the production line without disturbing the standard production flow.


The Nanospec II allows monitoring of n&k values using a large variety of low-k dielectrics development dispersion models. This is ideal for fast & easy process setup or R&D work

  • LED
  • Solar
  • MEMS/Substrates
  • Thin metal & alloys
  • Resist / thick films
  • Rough layers


  • Wafer Sizes:50mm – 200mm
  • Stage Control – multiple mouse click options, fully automatic recipe control
  • Industrial PC / Windows 7 OS
  • Flat panel Monitor
  • Operations manual (CD)
  • FFT thickness analysis Algorithm
  • NanoDiffract® SR analysis with full stack multiple layers and optical constants variation monitoring
  • Image Based Processing for automated patterned wafer alignment
  • Fully automated wafer handling with up to 3 cassette station


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