NanoSpec 6500

Large Area Film Thickness Measurement

The NanoSpec 6500 utilizes an advanced spectroscopic reflectometer to measure optically transparent films that are used in the manufacture of thin film on glass for displays and other applications. Designed for maximum throughput, reliability and accuracy, the NanoSpec measures all transparent or translucent multi-stack films on virtually any kind of substrate. Capable of handling all sizes from “tablet” size glass to G10 panels almost three (3) meters square, the 6500 is specifically designed for a wide variety of production applications. The rugged system provides precise measurements of single-layer films such as oxide, nitride and photo-resist, as well as the top layer on film stacks of up to 3 layers in the thickness range of 100Å to 35µm and features an optional 0.75µm spot for small areas. Proprietary software enables Multilayer Film Analysis with the ability to select film constants, scan ranges and substrate types.


With value added options like Contact Angle, Resistivity Heads, Pattern Recognition and XMP software, the TohoSpec 6500 provides multiple critical measurements on a single platform. Common Applications served by the TohoSpec 6500 include the following;

  • Displays: Oxides, Nitrides, Photo-Resist, Poly-Silicon
  • LCD: a-Si, n+ -aSi, Gate-SiNx, Oxides, PI, ITO, Cell Gap, Photoresist & Polyimide films
  • Optical Coating: Hard Coating, Anti-reflective coating, Filters
  • Dynamic Glass
  • Solar Thin Film



Film Stack / Number of Films 

Up to 3 layers

Wavelength Range 

400 -800 nm

Optional Transmittance Measurement

400 -800 nm

Film Thickness Range1  

Standard Configuration (10x)

100 Å – 30 µm

Range: single stack

10 nm ~ 35 µm1


1.0% or 2 Å 2

Film Type  / n & k values


Measurement Time 

0.5 seconds per point (film dependant)

Data Management 

Statistical data analysis, Data export (ASCII)

1 value obtained from SiO2/Si
2 1 sigma based on measuring same site 15 times with 10X w/out autofocus after autofocus on first measurement.
standard sample with interferance amplitude reflectance is greater than 5% of absolute reflectance

Hardware Configuration

Panel  Sizes 

300 ~ 3200 mm

Head Unit

Interferometer / Reflectometer Linear Array

Optics / Spot Sizes

5x (standard) 

50 µm

10 x (standard) 

25 µm

50x (standard) 

5 µm

100 x (optional for Thick film) 

0.75 µm

Optical Filters (Manual Cutoff Filters) 

Yellow cutoff filter 

480 nm (measured at 50% light transmission)

Orange cutoff filter 

560 nm (measured at 50% light transmission)

Light Source 


Facilities Requirements


1700mm x 1700mm x 1830


2200 Kg


Single Phase AC 200V 50/60Hz, 10A – AC 230V, 50/60 Hz, 2.5 A


-55 to 80 KPa


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