Erin Carruthers, Ph.D.

Advisor: Technology Development

Scientific consultant, Dr. Erin Carruthers, has been part of CERTUS since 2015.  Dr. Carruthers advises on the surface enhanced raman spectroscopic (SERS) principles of measurement as they relate to the proprietary Grow, Read, Detect™ process of detecting pathogens during the initial enrichment phase on a continuous basis.  Dr. Carruthers spent five years as the Assay Development Leader on the original team who developed the proprietary technology.  Throughout her career she has been a Postdoctoral Scientist at Duke University and BD Technologies.  She holds one patent and has been published in several scientific journals, most notably in the International Journal of Food Microbiology for co-authoring the paper “Real-time pathogen monitoring during enrichment: a novel nanotechnology-based approach to food safety testing”.   In 2016 Dr. Carruthers founded Carruthers Consulting, LLC.  Dr. Carruthers obtained her Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from William & Mary and her Ph.D. in Chemistry at the University of Texas.  


International Association of Food Protection