Shelby DeGalan

Account Manager

Shelby DeGalan, Account Manager for the CERTUS team, is responsible for consultative sales of the CERTUS Detection Unit and Solus Pathogen Detection System.  Ms. DeGalan played an integral role during the inception of CERTUS in the fields of recruitment and operations establishment.  Prior to joining the CERTUS team, she completed post-graduate courses at National Taiwan Normal University in Mandarin Chinese while conducting corporate seminars at technology companies such as Molex, UMC, Pfizer, Novartis and Sanofi.

Ms. DeGalan started her career in the regulatory side of the food industry in the International Affairs Department at the IDFA in Washington D.C. and later worked in international trade development at the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.  Ms. DeGalan earned her Bachelors of Business Administration from Grand Valley State in International Business, Marketing, and Chinese Language.  She is an active Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship alumna, published essayist, and landscape architecture docent.  Ms. DeGalan is proficient in Latin, French, and Mandarin Chinese.