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Request Service

There are two ways to request service:

1) Give us a call at our main office in Chicago at 872-810-4111.

During our regular business hours, Monday through Friday 9:00 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. Central Standard Time, your call will be answered within 2 rings. Most service requests are processed within 2 hours of making a phone call.

2) Submit a service request online using the form below.

Toho Technology’s commitment is to provide a technical response by telephone within twenty-four hours of a customer’s service request, making an effort to respond within the same business day.

Upon receiving a service request, we will:

  • Analyze and troubleshoot over the phone
  • When possible, log in to the computer remotely to analyze error log files
  • Ask you to send photographs that explain the issue (parts, screen shots, etc.)
  • Provide warranty or non-warranty on-site support
Service Inquiry Form
Please fill out the Service Inquiry Form and provide as much detail as possible for the various fields. If this is an emergency, please call our direct number at 872-810-4111.
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Toho Commitment

Commitment At Toho, we take pride in the craftsmanship of our equipment and in the relationships we have with our customers. We recognize that our customers expect capital equipment to function reliably in the long term with a minimum of maintenance needs.

For this reason we are committed to supporting our customers and their equipment for the entire lifespan. Customers can expect to receive the same level of attention, support, and expediency in handling service requests after the warranty ends as they did during the sales process and warranty period.


Support Support Toho Technology is committed to comprehensive technical support, including full installation services. Our trained field service professionals personally install every Toho system. Installations range from the simple one-day installation of a bench-top metrology tool to the complex month-long process of integrating a wet process system into an automated factory environment.

Our Technical Support capabilities include:

  • Installation
  • Training
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Spare parts sourcing
  • Remote access troubleshooting
  • On-site repair and service

Regions Covered

Toho customers all over the world are covered by two types of service depending on their location.

Americas, Japan, China, and Indonesia:
Direct coverage by Toho Technology service technicians

Certified expert coverage through one of our distributor service professionals. All of our distributors are fully trained to conduct equipment installations, training, and repairs to Toho standards.


Maintenance Maintenance Our experience has proven that capital equipment maintained annually requires fewer service requests for repairs, parts, and maintenance.

Preventative maintenance procedures and schedules are covered in the training and installation of all Toho equipment. Regular maintenance performed by Toho service technicians minimizes problems and maximizes Mean Time Between Failure, ensuring a lifetime of reliable and productive use. Toho offers on-call service as well as extended warranty contracts tailored to the specific needs of each customer’s operation.

A typical PM Visit for a bench-top metrology system includes:

  • Verify integrity of customer-owned standards
  • Perform certified standard calibration tests
  • Check all power supply voltage levels
  • Verify integrity of all connections, cables and board interface
  • Verify optical / light source alignment and output
  • Check integrity of all safety interlocks
  • Defrag hard disk
  • Clean all moving components
  • Lubricate all moving components
  • Other customer needs and issues as applicable

Contact Toho Technology to learn more about recommended Preventative Maintenance schedules and procedures and to request a quotation.

Spare Parts

Spares Spares Sourcing and verifying the specifications of spare parts for large capital equipment can be a time consuming and costly task. This task becomes even more complex when issues of part obsolescence, model change, and international specification variations come into play.

Our skilled procurement staff will do the work of sourcing parts and verifying form, fit, and function to minimize errors and maximize efficiency.

Bench-Top Metrology Systems

Consumable parts that need replacement over time, such as lasers and quartz plates, are kept in stock at our Chicago office. Other parts and equipment are kept in stock at our manufacturing facilities in Japan and China.

Stand-Alone Process Equipment

Parts for stand-alone process equipment fall into three categories:

  • Spares for consumable parts: O-rings, filters, replacement brushes
  • Minor spares: Gauges, valves
  • Major spares: Pumps, motors

Toho is committed to providing comprehensive spare parts sourcing services, including expediting. We utilize a network of vendors in the US, Europe, China, Korea, and Japan to source difficult-to-find parts and unique fixtures.

With our Japanese- and Chinese-speaking staff, custom material procurement services are also available.

Contact Toho Technology to learn more about recommended spare parts and request a quotation.


Training Training

Toho Technology product training ensures that our customers will:

  • understand the full capabilities of their equipment,
  • confidently operate the systems and,
  • analyze the data derived from the software.

A comprehensive hands-on training is included in the installation of all Toho equipment. User manuals and step-by-step training program outlines are provided in advance so that users can become familiar with the equipment’s functions before the training begins. When necessary, bilingual language support staff are available to assist with trainings.

We recognize that the first group trained to use a Toho tool may not be the same group that will use it the next year, or five years from now. We are pleased to offer refresher training on site annually or as needed, so that your staff is always able to operate your Toho equipment at full capacity.

Click here for a sample training program outline (PDF).