Focused on Business Growth and Development

Toho Technology is a leading supplier of technologies and services to growth markets around the world. To support a growing, global customer base, Toho Technology has established a significant presence throughout Asia, North America, the Middle East, Europe, and has made inroads into Latin America.

Our corporate headquarters based in Nagoya, Japan is a privately-held distribution and manufacturing company operated as a family owned business originating as early as 1819. In the last century, Toho has grown from a local Japan focused manufacturer into a global supplier of a wide variety of manufacturing services and marketing and distribution channels, as well as a provider of precision equipment.

Toho has focused expertise in key areas of technology, including Engineering & Manufacturing Services, Wet Chemical Process, Metrology, and Industrial Electronics. The technologies and services are deployed in strategic fields, such as Healthcare, Energy, Food Safety, Thin Film, Display, LED, Data Storage, Glass and Wafer segments.

The company, led by founding family member Hideyuki Tomita, has been meeting the changing industry and market demands since 1932, and currently operates production facilities in Nagoya, Japan, and Shanghai, China. Through its group company Toho Technology Inc. in Chicago, Illinois, Toho provides Business Development Services, Contract Manufacturing, and Sales and Support services to leading companies.

Toho has approximately 500 employees and revenue in the past financial year amounted to more than $260 million. For the last 50 years, Toho Technology has been profitable.

With its slogan PEOPLE, TECHNOLOGY, VISION, Toho seeks to offer its customers dedicated commitment to excellence, continuous improvement, innovation and a future of outstanding product support and service. To fulfill this vision, Toho Technology continues to aggressively invest in new technologies and people that will meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Main Group Companies

Toho Technology Inc.
Established: 2001
Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois
Toho Technology Corporation
Established: 1932
Headquarters: Nagoya, Japan
Shanghai Toho Technology
Established: 1994
Headquarters: Shanghai, China
PT Toho Technology Indonesia
Established: 2012
Headquarters: Jakarta Timur, Indonesia