Printed Circuit Assembly
Defect-Free World-Class Boards

With decades of PCB / PCA experience Toho produces world-class high quality circuit boards at our facilities in Japan and China. Committed to delivering defect–free printed circuit board assemblies of various sizes and complexities, Toho specializes in High Mix / Low Volume assembly and design. Toho boards are all Lead Free and fully compliant with RoHS manufacturing standards.

PCB Capabilities

• PCB Assembly

• SMT (Surface Mount Technology)

• Through hole

• COB (Chip On Board)

• BGA X-ray inspection

• Hot Air Reflow - double-sided

• Dual Wave Soldering

• Static / dynamic Burn-in

Craftsman Skill & Experience
  • Toho utilizes state of the art BGA X-ray inspection systems in conjunction with highly skilled inspection teams.
  • Full PCB lines in both Japan and China Toho facilities provide cost and performance options.