KSI SeriesScanning Acoustic Microscopy

The KSI-V8 is the newest low cost Scanning Acoustic Microscope (SAM) system from Kraemer Sonic Industries. The V8 offers German engineered quality and unmatched resolution all at a low price. KSI's innovative approach to Acoustic Microscopy has created a patented system able to perform internal microstructure imaging with unmatched scan speeds, resolution, and repeatability.

The versatile V8 can be upgraded and customized to fit into any R&D or production level process. KSI has truly created the future of Acoustic Microscopy.

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Standard Features

Experts in Acoustic Imaging Technology

Dr. Klaus Kraemer founded KSI in 1994 after developing the technology at Leica Microsystems. For the past 20 years KSI has established itself as a leader in acoustic imaging technology. Today KSI systems are used by industry, academic, and research leaders worldwide.

Five Times the Accuracy, Twice as Fast

Scan speeds of up to 2 m/s guarantee the highest throughput available while retaining accuracy of +/- 1 µm and repeatability of +/- 0.1 µm.

Exclusive Transducer Design

The secret to the V8's high performance is its patented FCT transducer design. A more hydrodynamic construction allows for high-speed throughput without creating scan-obscuring disturbances in the water. This allows the V8 system to outperform the competition in terms of speed and throughput.

Unmatched Gigapixel Resolution

A maximum image resolution of 32,000 x 32,000 ensures that no faults go undetected.

36 Month Full Service Warranty

Full performance is guaranteed. Outstanding quality backed by the longest warranty of any SAM system available. Remote software support available via SAM internet connection. Dedicated customer service based in Chicago.

Intuitive KSI Vision™ Software Suite

The V8 comes complete with KSI Vision™, a robust software package that compliments the V8's versatility. With KSI Vision™, easily perform:

• 3D Sample Reconstruction
• FFT Bandpass, Chebyshev, Moving Average, Rectifier, and Calculus Signal Processing
• Digital Defect Colorization
• Impedance Measurements
• C-Scans, B-Scans, X-Scans, and More

Options & Accessories

• Through Scan Kit
• KSI 4D Analysis
• Customized Stages
• Multihead Upgrade (Up to Eight Transducer Heads)

KSI Series Acoustic Microscopy Specification                           KSI-V8
  Base System                  
Maximum Image Resolution  32,000 x 32x000 
Scanner Speed 2 m/s
Scanner Acceleration  30 m/s²
X/Y Axis Repeatability  +/- 0.1 µm
Z Axis Repeatability+/- 0.25 µm 
Measurement Range  
Minimum Scanfield 200 x 200 µm 
Maximum Scanfield 400 x 400 mm
Z-Axis Movement  100 ,,
Maximum Sample Size500 x 750 mm
Frequency Range  5 – 400 MHz

Hardware Configuration   
Sample Tank Dimensions  21 x 30 x 5 in
System Dimensions  33 x 35 x 52 in
Weight  1440 lb
Voltage 100 - 220 V
Maximum Power Consumption  1.5 kW (7 A)
Transducers AvailableOver 200 Varieties

Scanning Acoustic Microscopes are used across numerous industries for various applications. For a comprehensive overview of sample applications, refer to KSI's website here.

In addition to the V8, Toho Technology also provides several other KSI systems designed for more specialized applications.

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