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Wiring Cost Savings

Toho Interface Terminal reduces labor associated with rewiring while preventing wiring errors.

Unlimited Connector Variation

Toho offers various series connectors, which include:

  • 3M
  • Omron
  • AMP
  • Fujitsu
  • Military standard
  • Others upon request


  • Standard
  • Spring Lifted
  • Clamp
  • Push-In Terminal

DIN Rail and Direct Mount

All products have mounting holes and DIN rail clamps.

Double Sided (Optional)

  • Compact
  • Space saving

Connector Angles

  • Front
  • Top
  • Back

Regulation Compliance

Toho terminal blocks are certified and listed as UL, CSA, EN, TUV, and JIS compliant.


Toho Interface Terminals also feature:

PLC / Servo Circuit
  • Simply connect cables on the interface terminal
  • The inside PCB circuit allocates I/O to terminals appropriately
Signal Isolation
  • Relays or photo couplers isolate high-voltage signals.
LED indication of I/O signal status

PLC/Servo circuit installed

Relay installed

LED installed

Product Image Series Product Description Spec Sheet Download
PM5DW Series Push-In Double Sided Download PDF
PS7DS Series PLC Interface Download PDF
PS7L Series LED Status Indication Download PDF
PS5D Series Clump Download PDF
Servo Interface Download PDF
PM5WR Series Relay Isolation Download PDF