In 1819 in Nagoya, Japan, the Tomita family, founders of modern day Toho Technology, saw a new business opportunity and began distribution of imported American dry goods into feudal Japan. As markets and society changed, the business operation also evolved taking advantage of economic growth in land development, raw materials and commercial industries. In the first 100 years of business success, the company expanded operations and continued to meet the growing need for newer products and innovative solutions. In mid-20th century Japan, Toho soon emerged as a distributor and manufacturer of industrial electronics and new technologies with a foundational relationship with Hitachi and other local electronics manufacturers.

In the latter years of the 20th century, Toho diversified operations to include manufacturing of various industrial electronics, factory automation systems, building systems, industrial contract manufacturing operations and clean technologies to meet the market demands in micro-electronics, automotive and industrial market segments.

Toho started its Metrology and Wet Process business in the 1980’s and shortly thereafter, broadened its product portfolio to include wafer cleaning and inspection equipment. Since the late 1990’s Toho’s processing and inspection businesses have been further enhanced with consecutive acquisitions and technology transfers from leading American Fortune 500 companies like KLA-Tencor, Nanometrics, Zygo Corporation and other global leaders in industrial technology.

As in the past, Toho continues to dynamically grow and develop new business operations in mature and emerging markets. New businesses have been expanding in China since 1994 and in the United States since 2001 with the establishment of Toho Technology Inc. in Chicago Illinois. Recent operations have been established in Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and Indonesia as opportunities in Asia continue to expand.

Toho Technology is committed to meeting global demands for extremely sophisticated and reliable technological solutions in a wide variety of industrial markets. To fulfill this need, Toho Technology continues to aggressively invest in new operations and technologies that will meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Toho Hitachi Storefront

Toho in 1965

Toho factory workers in Shanghai

Toho Factory