With one of the fastest-growing markets in the world, the Asian Healthcare industry is comprised of a sophisticated aging population and a strong demand for American and European medical innovation. Combined with governmental emphasis on rewarding innovative businesses and healthcare solutions, China and Japan both offer new and exciting opportunities for unique medical technologies. Toho Technology is positioned to serve as a bridge to these opportunities for small and medium sized companies that see the value in expanding internationally with a trusted partner. Toho provides essential building blocks of success in the Asian Healthcare markets:

• Market Research, Planning, and Test Marketing

• Market Access & Strategic Planning

• Pricing Strategies

• Business Material Development

• Regulatory Compliance Assessment & Navigation

• Hands-on customer interaction using Toho’s hospital and medical professional network of contacts

• Local Asian-based installation, maintenance and support team

• Local manufacturing and engineering capabilities to take advantage of localized production and design

• Comprehensive license and technology transfer opportunities

With continuous globalization of facilities and treatment practices, Med-Tech companies partnered with Toho Technology can establish new horizons for efficiently integrating Asia into an aggressive global development plan.