Engineering Support
Toho Core Competency

Toho customers benefit from securing experienced engineering resources for existing products or designing and commercializing new products. From assembly documentation to 3D layouts, wiring schematics, plumbing flow and PCB prototype design, Toho is at your service. 3D print prototype services are now also available.

Toho Engineering Solutions

• Industrial design

• System Architecture & design

• Precision Mechanism

• Complex Motion Control

• Material handling

• Vibration Control

• Wet Processing Fluids / Gas

• AC / DC Power Systems

• Graphic User Interface

• Clean Air Management

• Laminar Flow

• PCB Re-Engineering & Consolidation

• Component Localization

Craftsman Skill & Experience
  • The Toho engineering team serves as an extension of your own, providing support where needed and allowing you to focus on your core competencies.
  • Toho specializes in revitalizing legacy electronic design for long-term product life and competitive value.