Control Panels
Over 45 years of Experience

Meeting the needs of a wide variety of Factory Control demands, Toho Technology has produced customized Control Panels for Commercial and Military applications for over 45 years. With extensive experience and expertise, Toho produces control panels to strict specifications and requirements. Specializing in custom factory solutions, Toho Control Panel Contract Manufacturing services are second to none.

Industries Served

• Automotive

• Clean Technologies

• Factory Automation

• Food Packaging

• Industrial Electronics

• Material Characterization

• Medical Diagnostic Instruments

• Nano Technology

• Photovoltaic

• Power Delivery

• Semiconductor

Craftsman Skill & Experience
  • With careful attention to detail, each Toho Control panel is hand made at our facilities in Japan and China.
  • Rail and Marine Control Panels produced by Toho are trusted by Municipalities and Military Customers.