Complex Assembly
Technical Sophistication

Toho specializes in technically sophisticated assembly, and has the skills to integrate assemblies, equipment, and instrumentation to the level of your requirements. Complex assembly or high-level assembly integrates components, both machined/fabricated and commercial. Toho also incorporates proprietary technology to high level assemblies with customer configuration specifications. Working from your designs, or producing new documentation as required, Toho provides contract manufacturing services you can count on.

Industries Served

• Automotive

• Clean Technologies

• Factory Automation

• Food Packaging

• Industrial Electronics

• Material Characterization

• Medical Diagnostic Instruments

• Nano Technology

• Photovoltaic

• Semiconductor

Craftsman Skills & Experience
  • Over 35 years of experience with Pneumatic Controls and Clean Fluid Systems.
  • Legacy Technologies Revitalized and Enhanced with attention to detail and performance.