Clean Energy

Clean Energy

Toho Technology partners with small and medium sized companies that have innovative industrial solutions for efficient and clean energy management. While the "Green Energy" boom may have slowed, significant opportunities are on the Asian horizon especially with a global population now exceeding 7 billion. Increasing demand for clean-tech goods and services in China and Japan is helping in both utility-scale and distributed markets. Clean energy has continued its ascent as a major economic force, with an increasing focus on deploying technologies that are ready and available now.

Toho Technology is positioned to serve as a bridge to these opportunities for small and medium sized companies that see the value in expanding internationally with a trusted partner. Much more than just a "consultant," Toho provides essential building blocks of success in the Asian Clean Energy markets:

• Market Research, Planning and Test Marketing

• Market Access & Strategic Planning

• Pricing Strategies

• Business Material Development

• Regulatory Compliance Assessment & Navigation

• Hands-on customer interaction using Toho’s professional network of contacts

• Local Asian-based installation, maintenance, and support team

• Local Manufacturing capabilities to take advantage of localized production

• Comprehensive license and technology transfer opportunities

With continuous globalization of facilities and energy distribution practices, Clean Energy businesses partnered with Toho Technology can established new horizons for efficiently integrating Asia into an aggressive global development plan.