Fast, accurate and safe in-house testing for food pathogens.

Simple. Safe. Smart.

The CERTUS system is revolutionizing food safety testing. Boasting 98% accuracy, CERTUS is certified by the AOAC Research Institute. The system is fully bio-contained using Bio-Lock™ technology to prevent accidental environmental contamination, allowing CERTUS to be used safely in your food processing plant. And it’s simple to use – with a 3-step workflow and a Control Pad to guide any user, environmental monitoring can be conducted by anyone.

By bringing environmental monitoring in-house, you’ll save time and money compared to testing with a third party lab. And fast, accurate results mean you’ll be empowered to protect your facility from contamination and your brand from recall.

All in-one, all in-house

The CERTUS system includes the Detection Unit, Control Pad and consumable Detection Kits – everything you need to conduct testing in-house safely and efficiently. Simply collect a sample using the Bio-Lock™ sampling swab, insert into Detection Tube with the growth media, and start a new test. The Control Pad will guide users through the process to ensure consistency while the Detection Unit will simultaneously enrich and detect pathogens within the bio-contained vessel.

Fully Bio-Contained

For the safety of your facility, the CERTUS system is fully bio-contained to prevent environmental contamination. Consumable Detection Kits feature Bio-Lock™ Sampling Swabs and Detection Tubes, which are designed to form a permanent seal that can’t be reopened, making in-house food pathogen testing safe in your food processing plant.

Fast, Accurate Results

Tested and certified by the AOAC Research Institute, the CERTUS system delivers 98% accurate results in as little as eight hours.

To ensure accuracy and consistency, the Control Pad will also guide users through the simple 3-step workflow. The Control Pad’s Empower™ software will also record and store FSMA-compliant reports that can be accessed anytime. You can also use Empower™ to map the facility and schedule testing to ensure that areas of concern are tested regularly. If a sample tests positive, key stakeholders will be notified and remediation will begin immediately.