Business Development Overview
Accessing Asian Growth Markets

Toho Business Development Services are designed specifically to introduce innovative solutions and facilitate global expansion in Asia. With a focus on Food Safety, Healthcare, Clean Energy, and Test & Measurement Industries, Toho matches market demand in Asia with cutting edge technologies. Partner companies benefit from Toho’s depth of experience, sales and manufacturing capabilities. Toho also specializes in bringing new life to legacy products in mature markets with re-engineering and localization. With strategic business operations in the U.S., Japan, China and Indonesia, Toho has successfully launched new international businesses with our partners who seek a strong foundation of sales, manufacturing and support in Asia. Toho Technology provides sales-oriented management for partners of all sizes and aspirations. We appreciate the rewards and understand the challenges faced while doing business half way across the planet. For that reason, Toho stands ready to partner with your Asian market access strategy.

Distribution Distribution Distribution Distribution Asian Sales Force

Partnering with Toho Technology as your Distributor makes sense. With over six decades of Distribution of industrial electronics, analytical instruments, and laboratory equipment, Toho’s refined market focus is your advantage. Bringing innovative technologies to Asian growth markets is a central part of the Toho mission and constitutes more than half of Toho’s operation. Enhancing our focus, Toho is licensed by the Japanese government as a seller of Medical Device systems. Partners can utilize existing Toho sales channels or coordinate new teams with Toho support.


Toho expects that with all innovative products, there will be an element of customer education and for this reason, a pro-active sales team stands ready to carefully explain the need and the solution to new customers. Toho does not wait for customers to call but pro-actively cultivates new relationships in strategic fields that lead to purchase orders.

A Passion for New Technology

With over 100 in-house engineers, Toho loves new technologies that employ creative and dynamic solutions. New innovations mean we can help our customers, not just sell products. Rather than selling mature product lines, Toho seeks out challenges that are future oriented.

Going the Extra Mile

Toho exceeds customer and principle expectations by going the extra mile with demonstrations, assembly support, installation, preventative maintenance, spare parts supporting customer needs for well beyond the warranty period.


Toho strives to create something, to achieve new goals, and to grow with our partners. Sustainable growth is part of any long-term strategy that Toho employs as your distributor.

Manufacturing Manufacturing Part of any international business development strategy includes the decision to localize manufacturing and assembly closer to a growing customer base in Asia.

With a fully functioning production facility in Central Japan, Toho provides turn-key assembly at a reasonable cost with the added value of Japanese Quality Control systems. Low volume / high complexity customers take advantage of Toho Japan’s expert electro-mechanical craftsmanship.

Higher volume / low complexity assembly and engineering is also offered at Toho’s factory in Shanghai, where Japanese management systems are in place offering excellent quality, price and IP protection.

"Made by Toho" in Asia can be part of your strategy to reduce logistics costs and lead-times and inspire greater confidence among your Asian customer base. Click here for more details.

Project Management Project Management Toho Technology develops and manages profitable business relationships between West and East. We offer client-specific services designed to accelerate the integration of business through our group company structure in Japan, China, Indonesia and the United States. Toho Technology provides sales-oriented management for partners of all sizes and aspirations. We appreciate the rewards and understand the challenges faced while doing business half way across the planet. For that reason, Toho manages all aspects of the project including:

• Bilingual documentation and marketing

• Strategic market assessment

• Competitive analysis

• Regulatory compliance analysis

• Target pricing analysis

• Coordination of all in-country sales meetings

• Follow-up and closing

Toho has the experience and the ability to effectively manage your program. Program adoption begins with a detailed analysis of the existing business operations and information, conducted by a seasoned program manager. Once the requirements are thoroughly understood and any issues are resolved, a formal plan is developed.

Toho program managers serve as the point of contact for the customer and have responsibility for all aspects of the program. The manager communicates with your team regularly utilizing a customer-preferred format. Experienced staff coupled with leading-edge technology and proven management systems assure success.

Maintenance Maintenance Maintenance Maintenance Whether your operation in Asia is well-established and in need of highly skilled Service Technicians to serve your customers with fast response time or you are just beginning to form your Asian service and maintenance strategy, Toho Technology offers customized local equipment Maintenance and Support options that cover a wide array of equipment and valuable skill sets. Toho is licensed by the Japanese government to service and maintain medical imaging systems and other medical devices.

Boasting over 100 in-house engineers highly skilled in Mechanical, Electrical and Software design and support, Toho will make sure that your customer base in Asia is satisfied and getting maximum value from your products. Maintenance and Support Programs offered by Toho include:

• Toll-free customer support lines

• Rapid response service teams

• On-site long-term Service Engineers

• In-take and data collection

• Installation and facilitization support

• Spare parts localization and management

• Warehousing services

• Training and re-training programs

• Upgrade and overhaul programs

Technology Transfer Technology Transfer As part of our comprehensive approach to developing successful business partnerships, Toho Technology specializes in technology transfer and license agreements for companies with new and legacy technologies that meet Asian market demands. Toho has over 15 years of experience with acquiring, re-engineering, and localizing products for expanding market demands in Asia. With a track record of product “relocation” from the United States to Japan, Toho extends brand value, customer satisfaction and global reach. By accessing Toho’s array of key infrastructure business operations, Toho partner companies take advantage of:

• Market- / Region-Specific license agreements

• Integrated Manufacturing agreements

• Supply and Distribution agreements

• Royalty agreements