Automation Overview
Over 80 Years of Experience

For over 80 years, Toho Technology and her subsidiaries have manufactured automation systems, terminal blocks, interface terminals, and switchboards. With facilities in Kyoto, Japan, our ever expanding line of products provide quality solutions for our customers and partners. Whether for large control panels or imbedded in PCBs,our products have the ability to meet the needs of many industries.

As a mid-size manufacturer of terminal blocks, we offer both small lot custom orders and large bulk orders, providing a solution for the unique requirements of all our customers.

Industries Served
  • Nuclear Power Plants
  • Power Generation / Distribution
  • Infrastructure
    • Steel, trains, railroad controls, etc.
  • Marine
  • Food and Beverage
  • Factory Automation
  • Machine Tool Control
  • Medical / Pharmaceutical
  • Agriculture Automation

Quality Control
  • ISO 14001 / 9001 Certified

    Toho manufacturing locations are certified for environmental and quality control management systems.

  • Regulation Compliance

    Toho terminal blocks are certified and listed as UL, CSA, EN, TUV, and JIS compliant.